Siglind Bruhn: Essay Collections and
Journal Issues Edited/Co-authored












1: Books edited and co-authored

Sonic Transformations of Literary Texts: From Program Music to Musical Ekphrasis
Nine essays edited by Siglind Bruhn
Volume 6 in the series “INTERPLAY: Music in Interdisciplinary Dialogue,”
M. Breivik and S. Bruhn, series editors (Hillsdale: NY: Pendragon), 239 pp.

Voicing the Ineffable: Musical Representations of Religious Experience
Volume 3 in the series “INTERPLAY: Music in Interdisciplinary Dialogue,”
M. Breivik and S. Bruhn, series editors (Hillsdale: NY: Pendragon), 316 pp. [Contents]

1998 Messiaen's Language of Mystical Love
Volume 1 in the series “Twentieth-Century Studies in Music,”
Joseph Auner, series editor (New York: Garland), 271 pp. [Contents]


Encrypted Messages in Alban Berg's Music
Volume 1 in the series “Border Crossings: Modernism in Music, Literature, and the Visual Arts”
Daniel Albright, series editor (New York: Garland), 307 pp. [Contents]


Signs in Musical Hermeneutic, Special issue 13/1-4, The American Journal of Semiotics, 308 pp.

1995 The Education of the Professional Musician:
Towards a Change of Attitudes Regarding Goals and Values

(Nedlands, Western Australia: CIRCME - The Callaway International Resource Centre  for Music Education), 211 pp.

2: Journal issues edited


Symmetry in Music, Dance, and Literature: Special issue 7/2 of the quarterly Symmetry: Culture and Science, 112 pp.


In Memoriam Ernö Lendvai: Special issues 7/3 and 7/4 of the quarterly Symmetry: Culture and Science, 224 pp.

Siglind Bruhn also serves as editor of works in the humanities at large. Books she has shepherded include Małgorzata Pawłowska’s Exploring Musical Narratology: The Romeo and Juliet Myth in Music (Pendragon 2018), Barbara Barry’s Lebewohl: Reconstructions of Death and Leave-taking in Music (Pendragon 2013), Wojciech Stepien’s The Sound of Finnish Angels: Musical Signification in Five Instrumental Compositions by Einojuhani Rautavaara (Pendragon 2011), Magnar Breivik’s Musical Functionalism: The Musical Thoughts of Arnold Schoenberg and Paul Hindemith (Pendragon 2011), Geert Edel’s Von der Vernunftkritik zur Erkenntnislogik and Hypothesis versus Linguistic Turn (both Gorz 2010), Vladimir L. Marchenkov’s The Orpheus Myth and the Powers of Music (Pendragon 2009), Responsibility and Commitment: Eighteen Essays in Honor of Gerhold K. Becker edited by Tze-wan Kwan (Gorz 2008), Victoria Adamenko’s Neo-Mythologism in Music: From Scriabin and Schoenberg to Schnittke and Crumb (Pendragon 2007), Po-shan Leung’s Eigentlichkeit als Heideggers Wegmotiv: Von Sein und Zeit zur Seinsgeschichte (Gorz 2007), Mathieu Schneider’s Destins croisés: Du rapport entre musique et littérature dans les oeuvres symphoniques de Gustav Mahler et Richard Strauss (Gorz 2006), Uta-D. Rose’s Die Komplexität politischen Handelns: Die Liberalismus - Kommunitarismus - Debatte im Lichte des Denkens von Hannah Arendt (Gorz 2005), and Kristin Rygg’s Masqued Mysteries Unmasked: Early Modern Music Theater and Its Pythagorean Subtext (Pendragon 2000). The studies published by Edition Gorz can alternatively be read online or purchased as paperbacks.